Mike's Favorites


Don't Tread on Me

Your Microbiome

POTSie Pixie

The Path to Diagnosis

Shouldn't we be more alarmed here?

The Invasion

Cocktail party caregiver

Fun new party game!

Subterranean Chronically Sick Blues

For all those totally metal caregivers

Peace, Love, Under Standing


Sports Ill-Fated


Shark Lemonado

Faking It?

Still can’t shake that feeling...

The Marvelous Miss Autonomia

Happy Holidays

The New Symptom

On the bridge of the Starship Enterpots

Wired and Tired

Dysautonomia made her a Dadaist icon

POTS: The Gateway Diagnosis

POTS: The Undoing

Salt lamp logic

Great moments in service doggery

The Evil Goblins that Invented POTS