Porn for POTSies

The Intervention: hyperadrenergic body parts finally speak up

The Path to Diagnosis

Fragrance-Free = Accessibility

Let's Make a Deal: Medical Edition

Please Rate Your Pain from 1 to 10


The Hunt for Answers

How POTS Works

Safe Word

Having dysautonomia is like living in this house...


Happy Holidays!

How every aisle at Home Depot looks to me



Cooking Lightheaded

Trading Places


Awkward Moments in POTS First Dates

Diagnosis Pinball


Does your dragon have dysautonomia?

Morning Messages from my Stomach

Patient in Disguise

It All Sucks

The Annotated POTSie: Symptoms


Environmental activists

The Evil Goblins that Invented POTS


The Appendix: Actually Important

Shouldn't we be more alarmed here?


Air Travel, You are the Worst

The Invasion

Welcome to the Machine

We need your help

Bob Ross, 1942-1995



I am not throwin’ away my POTS

Symptom Whack-a-Mole

Thirsty Vampire’s Guide to POTSies

Googling is Caring

Dysautonomia Awareness Month 2019

Dream life of pets

Shot down by a pomegranate

Our pets weight in on our low-histamine diets

Sports Ill-Fated

Brain v. Autonomic Nervous System


Anger management class for mast cells

Less Miserable Thanks to Heroes


Happy Spring!

Appreciating problem-free body parts

No Doodle Today

Flare Frenzy!

Stomachs on Strike

Any other badgers out there?

Happy End of Summer!

Syncope Street

Maslow's (Updated) Hierarchy of Needs

The POTS Bandits

Bed Enthusiast

On the bridge of the Starship Enterpots

All I want for Christmas...

Honest Health Insurance Denial Codes

If Dorothy had my body

What your pill organizer says about you

Honest Tea

Potty Humor

A thirst, for life

The Price Isn't Right

A Glimpse of Dunning-Kruger